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DIRECTLY TO YOUR SMARTPHONE What Makes us different? We call all your members within seconds and play them the dispatch message […]

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PUSH TO TALK COMMUNICATIONS FOR PRE-SCENE COMMUNICATIONS! Communicate with your members from our app with PTT just like your 2 way […]

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How it Works

  • An Emergency Call is placed to 911.
  • Your Dispatcher calls our Paging Unlimited Servers.
    (This is the exact procedure they would use to call your paging site.)
  • Paging Unlimited Immediately Relays the call to your existing Paging site.
  • Paging Unlimited Immediately Sends Call blasts each of your members with the exact message left by the 911 dispatcher.  Paging Unlimited sends out texts and emails including the dispatch message and location of the scene.
  • Your members respond to the Page so you know who is coming.
  • You then have access to our wide range of pre-scene tools to communicate with your members to further discuss and plan.